Hair-y Diaries

Growing up, I’ve had a real attachment to my hair. I think it’s because I decided to cut it in middle school one time and then everyone mistaken me as a boy…. I’m dead serious – even when I was wearing a red Minnie Mouse Shirt and a black hat that clearly read “Princess” on it, Princess Jasmine looked me in the eye and said “come here, sir” at Disneyland (scarred me, but I don’t hold any grudges on her). Thus began my oath to long hair forever.

I loved styling my hair in all kind of braids, curls, and crazy up-do’s because it was thick so you could do so much with it. But the maintenance was crazy: The constant shedding, the fact that even when I brushed my hair – 5 minutes later, a new tangle would surprise me out of no where, pony tails gave me headaches, but hey…. it looked cute! (no pain, no gain ?) So out of stress in 2014, I chopped it off myself in front of my mirror at home (I honestly DO NOT recommend this).

Then of course, I missed my long hair, and it grew to the length of the picture to the above left. And no, the brown hair wasn’t an ombre, it’s just that the long black part before the brown were my roots. When it became too much for me again, I freaked out and went to the hair salon and told her to cut it all off even when the woman beside me cringed at my words asked me, “Are you sure you wanna do that?”

After the chop, it’s been only a couple of days and I felt iffy about it at first – I loved it and didn’t like it at the same time because it was different. But now, I’m crazy happy with it. I don’t even have to take 20 minutes to brush my hair anymore! In fact… I DON’T EVEN NEED TO BRUSH – just wake up and done! Time in the shower is shorter, my head feels so light so good bye headaches, and the styled cut is incredibly versatile for all the different outfits I often wear.

I’ve learned that hair is hair. Depending on your health and how much you can take out of your day to care for it, the length is up to your discretion. No matter what you choose, it’s beautiful either way. We live one life, and we often to get chances to make much change in our life and experience as much as we want to. But with your hair, if you wanna try a new color, try cutting it in a way you’ve never had it before: do it. It’s the easiest thing you can change about you without changing you; a way to experience doing something out of your comfort zone without much risk. It’s just like fashion or make up: it’s a “to each their own” type of thinking. You wanna have a grunge day and maybe throw on some black lipstick? Why not? Bc you can always just go home and change and throw on another look the next day to be or feel like a different you.


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