Food Exploration: 1/16/17


James and I have pretty bad habits of 1) not eating healthy which is normally due to a fact such as 2) not eating 3 meals a day since 3) we always seem to be running late to everything. I do not recommend you all to follow our ways of life BUT something I do recommend trying is ROAM Artisan Burgers.

So we had just finished walking around SF MoMA and I was literally starving because it was dinner time and we didn’t actually eat a breakfast or lunch (just lots of snacks and eggo waffles, again, don’t be doing this). I remembered my roommate, Jane, taking me on Fillmore before and we walked past so many cute (but expensive) little shops along with lots of different kinds of restaurants. He and I drove there with not much expectations except the fact that he knew he wanted a burger, none of the little wimpy ones form fast food chains; a real burger. Roam was the burger place in sight once there and it was honestly so good to a point where we didn’t even finish and we are people who can eat a lot (clearly, because we don’t eat enough).

What we ordered:
Sweet Potato Fries
The Classic (with the addition of avocado) – Beef – Medium
French and Fries – Beef – Medium Well
Chocolate Hazelnut Shake (seasonal)

The sweet potato fries had THE perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. Definitely try! The classic fulfilled it’s name as a good ‘ole classic burger. James ordered the French and Fries, he said the sauce and the caramelized onions had lots of flavor but he got full fast from it but he loved it. I wasn’t able to try the shake since I’m allergic to hazelnut, but James was incredibly please with it and didn’t hide that pleasure with every sip by saying “dude, this is so good.”

Thanks Roam Burgers for a yummy dinner (:


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