Liquid Liner Lyfe

I am an avid liquid liner user, and have been using liquid liner for…. I want to say 5-7 years now (basically starting somewhere in high school to the present where I’m like on year 6 of college). I’ve tried many different types of eyeliner products i.e. pencil, gel, dip, etc. but ended up really sticking with liquid liner. Below are 5 liners that I’ve tried with my personal opinions of each. Keep in mind, they are truly MY PERSONAL opinions. Everyone has different skin types, diets, activities, etc. So these opinions are coming from the experiences I had while using these liners.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner
I know that everyone really loves these liners. I have a roommate with generally dry skin that really loves the Kat Von D liner as it truly is waterproof for her and stays on all day through the sweat etc.
But for me, I have incredibly oily skin, especially right in the crevices of my Asian eyes. Both of these eyeliners, although the application is crazy easy and looks amazing when first applied,  easily smudges off my eyes and goes on the top of my lid, and when I went swimming with it, it was one of the first things to wash off, even though they’re supposed to be water proof. Ultimately, as much as my eyeliner looked on fleek when I put either of them on, neither of them never lasted on my eyes. (Also the tip dries pretty quickly too!)

In a post from last year, I showed that I used the L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Precision Liquid Liner. I used it until I finished it, as it was a good liner! The only problem I had with it was that it too would get to the top of my lid eventually making me look like a raccoon because of my oily eyes. So during the day, I would have to wipe my eyelids to take the excess liner off. As for it being waterproof, I don’t remember it staying on in the pool.

Earlier this year, I bought the Ultra Liner Waterproof from Maybelline because my bff used it and she said it was amazing. I bought it and it proved to be one of the best eyeliner formulas I have ever used because it stays on all day, it never gets on the top of my lid and it proved to be waterproof. It has a kind of “glossyish-matte” finish on the eye which is why I think it works so well and it looks very clean. One thing I don’t really like about the eyeliner itself is the applicator. The picture makes it look like a small felt tip brush that looks like it has precision, but it’s a false picture, it’s an actual little brush. Like imagine a nail polish brush, but thinner and shorter. That’s what it looks like. So mistakes when putting the eyeliner on is really easy, but once it’s on right, it looks awesome. I still haven’t perfected the art of evening my eyeliner/wing with the little brush, and I don’t know if I ever will, but I hide the un-eveness with my mascara hehe! This is one of my TOP favorites because of the formula and the fact that it’s a drug store brand so I can find it anywhere for reeeeally cheap ($5.49 at Target girrrl)!

So I’ve always been eyeing the Make-Up Forever Aqua liners for SO LONG, but I could never bring myself to buy it. Then they came out with the Aqua XL liners and so I just decided that now might just be a good time to try it since I’m going so many different places this summer that needs a good waterproof liner. What interested me the most about these is not only have I had test-lines of this formula on my hand for days at a time, even with washing my hands, but the fact that it has a felt tip applicator which I LOVE because it makes it so easy to put on the eye. So I bought it and tried it, even wore it to the hottest concert I’ve been to in my life because it was so crowded and it stayed on PERFECTLY. This is the other TOP favorite, alongside the Maybelline Ultra Liner, due to it’s amazing all-day-stay formula and because the applicator is a easy-to-put-on felt tip. A drawback from this is just the fact that it is pricey because of its brand-name.

All in all, my favorite eyeliners (especially for oily skin and eyes) are the Maybelline Ultra Liners and the Make-Up Forever Aqua XL Liner! Definitely try them out!

Feel free to comment on this post to share your reviews/experiences on these products or other eyeliner products that you enjoy! ❤


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