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I don’t mean to sound so MTV when I say this but:
Hi, I’m Erin Nale ❀ And welcome to my blog!

I like to say that I am just your average homegirl who grew up in the Bay Area. I say average because, although, who I am is, indeed, unique to myself, I am and feel no different than any other person. I am a human who is experiencing the craziness of life just like you are. So I hope that everything I talk about is almost relatable to you in a sense that I’m like that one homegirl you know that you hang out with that you’re always like “Duuuuuude, me too!” Or if not, it’ll hopefully be interesting!

I believe that a person can have many passions, and in more ways than one, those passions can somehow overlap. It is what your own creativity and choices that allow you to figure out how to make them all work.

Ultimately, for me, I have always been inspired by those who are unafraid to be their true, best selves, and moreover, those who have the ability to share their stories that inspire people to take action – whether it be taking action upon your life, your community, and even the world. And by blogging, I feel that I can have this platform to do just that.

Upon my journey of self-discovery (which is a journey I am still on, believe me, I don’t think it will end), I have come to know myself as a woman with many sides. On one side, my younger-bratz-lovin’ self would say I have “a passion for fashion.” On another side, my inner-scientist is putting myself through school to accomplish my goals of entering the health field someday. And, I’m not limited to just these two sides because there are many things that make me who I am i.e. a disney-glitter-crazed-fanatic, a dog lover, a traveler, a sorority girl, a girl who is so attached to her family that people tell my mom that she needs to “cut the cord” already, and much more. With all of these sides of myself, I have the ability to share with you so much of my experiences that can possibly inspire you and your plentiful sides (whether it be you the researcher, you the fashionista, you the traveler, etc.) throughout your own journeys. You are not alone in this big world! We have all been somewhere and are going somewhere, and I hope that this outlet of expression for me can be a way of making you feel like you can do anything!

Thank you again for visiting and enjoy (:

Leave comments below on content you would like to see in the future I would love to hear from you!

Much love to my family, close friends, my boyfriend James, God,Β my Alpha Phi ladies, and especially, much love for all of you and your support!

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