Stripe it Up

One of my bffs, @jahnadinh bought this set for me for Christmas from Love Culture! It is seriously SO cute because 1) I love matching sets 2) these stripes make me look a lot taller than I actually am because the stripes elongate my legs. And for many people, these vertical stripes can be very slimming. My gold bracelet (actually an anklet) was also a gift for Christmas from my boyfriend, James. You’re probably wondering why in the world I would be so crazy to wear jewelry that isn’t my name — it’s because it’s my dog’s name and I LOVE MY DOG! Anyhow, I matched this set with my black Kardashian heels – in a way, they kind of look like a peep-toe-bootie-heel-type thing with a gold buckle around the ankle (believe it or not, I wrote about those shoes YEARS ago on this blog, but crap happened and I think it got deleted). They no longer have this on their website, but below I linked a similar set as well as a set that I’m actually loving for the summer and am tempted to buy!

Similar Set
Black & Red Pinstripe Pants
Black & Red Pinstripe Top

Random cute set that I am tempted to buy
Multi Stripe Tie Front
Multi Stripe Pants


Pull up with a Lemon

I don’t know what it is about fruits on a dress, but that stuff makes me so happy for some reason – makes me excited for sunny days. Maybe it’s because when I’m off at school, the skies are gray 24/7 and the wind is out of its mind so I’m generally wearing sweats over fleece lined leggings, a long sleeve with a sweatshirt and a jacket because ya girl gets SO COLD so easily.

This is so incredibly late because I took these back on April 1st for Easter, but it’s a great look and figured that it has to be shared!

I got this dress from Forever 21 and they ran out of extra smalls/smalls, and so this is actually a medium! In the end, it turned out to be a great fit because if it was smaller, I would’ve probably had more chest cleavage, but this was able to cover it up and sometimes the smaller ones are shorter in length, so this size allowed the dress to be further down from my finger tips, so it felt more appropriate for the occasion.

The shoes are also from Forever 21 (yeah, I shop there so much, it’s a curse), and I thought the nice nude would 1) elongate my short legs and 2) not take away from the bright colors of the dress.

Here are the links for this exact dress!
Lemon Dress
Lemon Dress Plus-Size

Oversize = Just Right

I’ve noticed a lot of people doing this lately with their oversized flannels or their boyfriend’s button ups (and yes, this shirt is my boyfriend’s too). It reminds me of when people used to make dresses and find all these creative ways to use these tops and turn them into something else. I was also inspired by one of my best friends, an aspiring stylist and fashion/beauty buyer, who also happens to be my boyfriend’s younger sister, Jahna. Styling this top in this fashion is a fun way of turning any flannel into an off the shoulder top. You can tuck it in your jeans or tie is like how I did. It’s super casual and laid-back, perfect for any just everyday outfit. Throw it together with some sneakers or sandals, and you’re ready to just head out, meet with friends, run errands, or just whatever it is you do on any regular day, all whilst lookin’ cute ❤

Outfit Deets
Top – It’s my boyfriend’s – American Blue
Similar 1 || Similar 2
Jeans – Pacsun
Similar 1 || Similar 2 || Similar 3
Eyes – Anastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam Palette

Styled and Snatched – Ep. 3 – Feat. The Honey Beige

HIII! Weeelllcome baaaack! This is now Episode 3 of Styled and Snatched, a segment where I invite Bay Area MUA’s to use my face as a canvas to create a look that matches an outfit I put together.

Today’s guest is a long-time college friend of mine, Kai aka The Honey Beige !!!!!!
He’s a well-versed make-up artist in the Bay Area – he’s even done my make up before for a Fundraiser/Gala, multiple weddings and other events. He’s also works at Sephora and has been there for a couple of years. You can follow him on his social media @thehoneybeige for all his amazing looks!

You can find my look HERE on my blog in the next couple of days!

The details to this look will also be provided soon as well ❤

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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoy!!! (: LOVE YAAA PEEPS!!

Spring has arrived!

Most people hate the spring season because of allergies due so much pollen being blown around everywhere trying to fertilize other plants around them and stuff, hahaha, but I LOVE it. This is when I can wear things for the warmth without it being so hot! And March is my boyfriend’s and my birth month! We’re literally 6 days away from each other.

The Bay Area had a surprisingly warm day, last week, when I walked around with Drea, one of my bffs. So we decided to dress up and take pictures! Due to the warm-ish weather, I thought a maxi skirt was fitting. I’m short so it’s kind of a maxi, but if someone taller were to wear it, it might look like this retro midi skirt. I also thought a good contrast to the very neutral polka dot skirt would be this knit yellow top, to give that soft “pop of color.” It’s pretty pale so it’s not very strong, and it keeps the look very mellow and light! There was still a slight breeze, so a pale blue denim jacket from HM worked well with the fit! In addition, I have had this felt black hat for forever but I have a flat-a*s head, so it always flies off and doesn’t stay in place as it should, so I rarely wear it. But I figured, for the pic, it might be worth wearing to really add on to that spring feel!

Outfit Deets:
Denim Jacket – HM
Similar 1 || Similar 2 || Similar 3
Knit Top – Forever 21
Similar 1 || Similar 2 || Similar 3 || Similar 4
Maxi Skirt – Forever 21
Similar || Mini  || Skort
Hat – Cotton On
Not pictured – Black Booties – DSW



I’ve been wanting to get on that athleisure hype for a while now. I’m a huge fan of the Hadids (call me obsessed), but they just really make looking comfortable look good.

For this look, I used these sweats that I got for $5 from Factory 2 U! It’s this random shop that has a bunch of random knock-offs at really cheap prices. I am in college and not making lots of money y’know, so I get what I can geettt man!

Outfit Deets:
Top – Forever 21
Similar 1||Similar 2||Similar 3
Pants – Factory 2 U
Similar 1||Similar 2||Similar 3||Similar 4


So I don’t recommend this, but I got bored one Saturday and decided to cut my own bangs. But THANK THA LAWWDD that it came out okay!
I got a lot of comments saying that my bangs with the red lip (which is from Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in the color Life Guard) gave them Selena vibes, and honestly that was SO flattering because she was such a beautiful and talented woman. Had me singing Como La Flor to myself the rest of the night! Also, random, but I’ve been SO EFFING LAZY to do my eyeliner for-real, so in this picture, I used a pencil liner and made a thin line on the edges of my eye, then use my pinky nail to kind of run across the edges of the liner to create that thin cascade of a wing. Probably shouldn’t be doing that though ’cause wrinkles and stretching of the skin, but since I’m still in school, I just have no cares about how I’m looking in front of other people because I’ve lost all energy on some days. I once wore red sweats because it was cold, but since it was randomly raining, I also wore black shiny combat boots, so I literally looked like Santa…. Regretted it right when I stepped on campus.

SPEAKING OF WEATHER, it STILL seems to be going all sorts of crazy – within the same day it’ll be storming one hour and then the next hour it’ll be so stinking hot. I’ve been so confused for the past – how many weeks. So with that, I’ve literally just been binge watching Full House in my room in my free-time and then also made a make-shift backdrop using this extra clothing rack we had in the house and just bed sheets! (Yay for saving moolah!)

Outfit Deets:
Top – Forever 21
Similar 1||Similar 2
Wide Legged Denim – Pacsun
(Posted Previously Here)
Belt – Unknown
Similar 1||Similar 2