Corduroy Cuteness Ovaalooadd

Just like the 90% of other women out in the world, Forever 21 is one of my go to stores for fairly affordable but trendy outfits, so as you can imagine, this WHOLE OUTFIT was from Forever 21. I was low-key going for a 90’s-esque – “‘sup b, I’m going to school” type of look since it was approaching the “back to school” season anyway. I’ve tried to commit to looking presentable at school every day (since I am there literally everyday) and I haven’t faltered yet! Normally leggings and a beat up oversized sweatshirt with my denim jacket is what I go with, but I’ve been trying to hold up my name to my love of clothes with my collegues. Anyhow, main point to get across from this post: this was all forever 21 – so it’s affordable and YOU can get it at your nearest store and/or online.

Get My ‘Fit
Top: Exact Here
Overalls: Similar Here
Shoes: Similer One || Similar Two


Liquid Liner Lyfe

I am an avid liquid liner user, and have been using liquid liner for…. I want to say 5-7 years now (basically starting somewhere in high school to the present where I’m like on year 6 of college). I’ve tried many different types of eyeliner products i.e. pencil, gel, dip, etc. but ended up really sticking with liquid liner. Below are 5 liners that I’ve tried with my personal opinions of each. Keep in mind, they are truly MY PERSONAL opinions. Everyone has different skin types, diets, activities, etc. So these opinions are coming from the experiences I had while using these liners.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner
I know that everyone really loves these liners. I have a roommate with generally dry skin that really loves the Kat Von D liner as it truly is waterproof for her and stays on all day through the sweat etc.
But for me, I have incredibly oily skin, especially right in the crevices of my Asian eyes. Both of these eyeliners, although the application is crazy easy and looks amazing when first applied,  easily smudges off my eyes and goes on the top of my lid, and when I went swimming with it, it was one of the first things to wash off, even though they’re supposed to be water proof. Ultimately, as much as my eyeliner looked on fleek when I put either of them on, neither of them never lasted on my eyes. (Also the tip dries pretty quickly too!)

In a post from last year, I showed that I used the L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Precision Liquid Liner. I used it until I finished it, as it was a good liner! The only problem I had with it was that it too would get to the top of my lid eventually making me look like a raccoon because of my oily eyes. So during the day, I would have to wipe my eyelids to take the excess liner off. As for it being waterproof, I don’t remember it staying on in the pool.

Earlier this year, I bought the Ultra Liner Waterproof from Maybelline because my bff used it and she said it was amazing. I bought it and it proved to be one of the best eyeliner formulas I have ever used because it stays on all day, it never gets on the top of my lid and it proved to be waterproof. It has a kind of “glossyish-matte” finish on the eye which is why I think it works so well and it looks very clean. One thing I don’t really like about the eyeliner itself is the applicator. The picture makes it look like a small felt tip brush that looks like it has precision, but it’s a false picture, it’s an actual little brush. Like imagine a nail polish brush, but thinner and shorter. That’s what it looks like. So mistakes when putting the eyeliner on is really easy, but once it’s on right, it looks awesome. I still haven’t perfected the art of evening my eyeliner/wing with the little brush, and I don’t know if I ever will, but I hide the un-eveness with my mascara hehe! This is one of my TOP favorites because of the formula and the fact that it’s a drug store brand so I can find it anywhere for reeeeally cheap ($5.49 at Target girrrl)!

So I’ve always been eyeing the Make-Up Forever Aqua liners for SO LONG, but I could never bring myself to buy it. Then they came out with the Aqua XL liners and so I just decided that now might just be a good time to try it since I’m going so many different places this summer that needs a good waterproof liner. What interested me the most about these is not only have I had test-lines of this formula on my hand for days at a time, even with washing my hands, but the fact that it has a felt tip applicator which I LOVE because it makes it so easy to put on the eye. So I bought it and tried it, even wore it to the hottest concert I’ve been to in my life because it was so crowded and it stayed on PERFECTLY. This is the other TOP favorite, alongside the Maybelline Ultra Liner, due to it’s amazing all-day-stay formula and because the applicator is a easy-to-put-on felt tip. A drawback from this is just the fact that it is pricey because of its brand-name.

All in all, my favorite eyeliners (especially for oily skin and eyes) are the Maybelline Ultra Liners and the Make-Up Forever Aqua XL Liner! Definitely try them out!

Feel free to comment on this post to share your reviews/experiences on these products or other eyeliner products that you enjoy! ❤

Another Round of Disney Style

As I do, at least once a year, I went to my happiest place on earth, Disneyland! Below are my 3 looks I wore the days that I was there. Each look consisted of a Mickey Mouse item!

I normally add links to the items of what I wear or find links of similar items, but unfortunately I am limited on time as I am SO POOPED from a long day of running a kids Vacation Bible School Program and I have to rest real soon for volunteering tomorrow for 6 hours…. ALL I WANNA DO IS SLEEP IN AND RELAX MAN, hahaha. #whydoidothistomyself

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.45.40 PM.png

This was my look for the first day.  It was oddly cold for a June day in Southern California, so I went with full length jeans)

Shirt: Neff x Disney California Adv. Exclusive Shirt (Bought 2 years ago, I don’t think they’re selling it anymore)
Bottoms: Thrifted Zara Denim
Shoes: Nike Air Max Theas
Accessories: Choker from Classic Loot




Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.45.24 PM.png

Top: Ross (Only $8! But, I saw helllaaaa people with this shirt & IDK how you all feel about commonality of pieces).
Shorts: Thrifted Bongo Denim
Shoes: Converse High Tops
Accessories: Urban Outfitter Red Lenses, Classic Loot Choker






Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.44.58 PM.png


Clearly a warmer day!

Top: Forever 21 Mickey Crop with Mock Neck
Bottoms: Vintage Esprit Denim
Shoes: Nike Air Max Theas
Jacket: Uniqlo Windbreaker

Laid back 90’s

Lately (probably just because of my super retro circular prescription sunglasses or because I watch FRIENDS too much), I’ve been really into 90’s inspired looks that are just easy to wear. And currently been in love with red-lipsticks since my natural hair is black and I cut off all that brown hair off at the ends, the classic red hue stands out more.

The Look Deets:
Glasses – Ray-Ban
Flannel – H&M || style 1
Tank Top – Forever 21 || style 1
Jeans – Pacsun || style 1
Booties – DSW || style 1 style 2 style 3
Purse – The Higher || style 1
Lipstick – Milani Cosmetics Amore Matte Lip Creme #14 

Urban Netting

These are my first actual pictures since chopping off my hair (whoo!). And I’ll probably go deeper into my feelings about going short in another post, but I felt with the new cut, it felt fitting to try something urban and edgy.

The Fit:
Shirt – Zara (I got it in a size L) – ONLY $5.99!
Faux Leather – Wasteland
Denim – Forever 21
Fishnets – It’s a store called “together”, I’m not sure if it’s a chain store
Booties – DSW

Eyeshadow – Modern Renaissance
Eyebrows – E.L.F.
Lips – Milani Cosmetics #31
Liquid Foundation/Concealer – Milani Cosmetics 2-in-1 Liquid & Make Up Forever Finishing Powder
Highlight/Baked Bronzer – Be a Bombshell Cosmetics and Tarte Palette

Rockin’ out for Fall


As I posted on my instagram @erinnale, here are the deets on my outfit for my niece’s Disney birthday party last Saturday! I love this look because it has such a retro-90’s-old-school with a hint of that biker feel and low key a T-bird from one of my favorite musicals, Grease. It also gave me an excuse to rock a red lip which, I am definitely in need of a restock.

Lips: Cruella – Nars
Sunnies: Cotton On || similar style
Choker: Classic Loot
Jacket: Wasteland (Thrifted) || similar style
Shirt: Disneyland
Jeans: Zara (Thrifted) || similar style
Shoes: Converse High-Tops


Outfit in Distress

Recently, my boyfriend (James aka Owner of @PoptheTrunkApparel, check him out ya’ll) was scheduled to vendor at World of Dance Bay Area 2016. With only 1 shirt style out, he decided to get another shirt design that we’ve been talking about for FOREVER since it’s been a great trend for a while: distressed and bleached shirts. But LET ME TELL YOU, GUYS: This ish is some HARD and TIRING work. Distressing, I’ve done before on both my tees and thrifted jeans, but this was a whole other level of distressing since we were about to be making 50 shirts. FIDDY. 5-0. And on top of that bleaching them.

Of course, as perpetual college biology majors, he and I both had exams during the week which caused some set backs in trying to get the ball rolling on the distressing process. So night before the actual event, we stayed up literally all night, through the morning up until the event, making what turned out to be some kick-azzz tops (on the real).

If you try to tell me this shirt ain’t sick… then you’re lying.

Anyhow, I’m gonna basically give you a little overview of how we made these shirts (the literal blood, sweat, and tears) and then after, a little preview of how I wore it at WOD!

How it’s Made
First you’ll need these tools:
– All purpose spray bottle (98 cents at Walmart. It’s $4.99 at target, so watch out.)
– Regular Clorox Bleach
– Exacto Knife/Blade
– Threadcutter (I have 2 so I pictured both of them… not sure why cause you really just need one)
– Scissors


You can do the distressing first. We used the thread cutters to basically make smaller holes and raw cuts right on the collar (the thing that cuts the thread easily is the sharp curve, not the pointy part). The blade and the scissors were used to make cat scratches and rips in the shirt. The blade will have a straighter cut while the scissors won’t. Instead, it’d have more variation. You can even make small twists in a general area and cut the tops of the twists for little holes. We also used scissors to cut seams to have the seams hanging off the shirt.

Then, make sure you are in a ventilated area and use gloves for the bleaching part! (If it is not ventilated, you will have a headache, your eyes will burn, and you’ll regret it all.) We also had an old plastic table cover thingy we used on the garage floor for our shirt-bleaching-space. Test with water the different sprays the spray bottle has (if you turn it one way, is it more misty or is it more like a single stream?). When you get a good understanding of the spray, pour the bleach in the spray bottle, and then spray away different designs on the shirt. For the PTTA, we chose something in between and sprayed more like tiger-esque stripes all over front and back. After bleaching, we washed and dried, and it became the beautiful piece it is now!

Outfit Details

For World of Dance, I tried to go for an edgy, yet very urban feel.
With the shirt, I dressed it with:
– Bongo Distressed Jean Short (Bought thrifting)
Nike Air Max Theas
Nyx Suede Lipstick – Alien
– And as for earrings, I have a larger silver hoop in my inner piercings, and my 2nd piercings, I used smaller gold hoops. I honestly thought it looked siiiiick together. #doublehooping (let’s make it a trend)
– If you want a Pop the Trunk Apparel shirt like the one I’m wearing (it also comes in black, sizes S-XL), check out !