Same, but Different?

Hello lovely shoppers! If you’re on a hunt for certain clothing iteams, I just wanna give you a quick tip. Search! Search! And keep on searching for your BEST deal!

Currently have 3 weddings I am going to attend this upcoming year, so I decided to start browsing and at least “favoriting/bookmarking” dresses that I really like and want to go back to.

I enjoy shopping at Love Culture. However, its grown popularity has left me to often worry about my size being in stock. I’ve seen a fellow instagrammer from my hometown shopping at this one store called “Shop GeeGeeBae” and she always had really cute outfits. So I decided to check it out.

When checking out the GeeGeeBae website, everything was really cute! But it also was kind of a little pricey for my wallet – the estimate price range was $55 to $120. In addition, I had noticed something. I noticed a familiarity in some of the dresses… They had some of the SAME EXACT dresses from Love Culture.

I looked back on the Love Culture site and confirmed that there were some dresses that were the same. GeeGeeBae had a dress I wanted from Love Culture in my size as well! This was a real plus! BUT, the main draw back from it was that….GeeGeeBae, although carrying my size, they priced the dress much higher than Love Culture.

I screen shot a bunch of similar clothing and their prices below:

Love Culture

Shop GeeGeeBae

The price difference was almost $40 sometimes! The polka dot set, however, was crazy to me. GeeGeeBae was sold out, but it was selling the set for $65. Love Culture is low on stock and doing “final sale” but the set in parts is $10 each (so about $20 total for the set)!

So pretty much, what I want to share is that there are plenty of clothing stores out there who will have similar clothing, or in this case – the exact same! But something will almost always give – whether it be your size in stock or the price tag. Again, search for your best deal and see what you’re willing to give or take for a piece!


Styled & Snatched – Ep. 2 – Feat. Glow Lazo

Hi All!

Welcome to episode 2 of Styled and Snatched!

This week featuring @glowlazo (which is both her handle on instagram and name on youtube)!

This is our second general video ever recording, and in addition to that, due to time constraints within 15 minutes, there are some choppy parts but you’ll get the gist of it all! We hope you enjoy watching! (:

The outfit post will be separate but the products used in the video are below!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea
Tarte: Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Too Faced: Born This Way Foundation in Light Beige and Natural Beige
Tarte: Shape Tape in light medium and light sand
KKW Beauty: powder contour kit in medium
Coty Airspun: Translucent setting powder
Benefit Cosmetics: Porefessional primer
Urban Decay: All nighter setting spray

Dose of colors: Desi x Katy Fuego highlighter
J. Cat cosmetics: Baked highlighter in Moon Light

Benefit Cosmetics: Ka Brow shade No.4
Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow powder in dark brown

Laura Lee Los Angeles: Cats pajamas palette
Morphe: 39A Dare to Create Palette
Juvia’s Palace: The Masquerade Mini palette
Morphe: Pressed pigment in Gold Digger
Morphe: Lashes in Calabasas
Lancome: Big Monsieur Mascara

MAC: Matte liquid lipstick in Chocotease

Morphe brushes + sponge
Real techniques
Crown (from Boxycharm)
Luxie brushes (from Boxycharm)

Music (No Copyright/Royalty Free):
Adventures – A Himitsu
Lush Life – Alex Adair Remix

Picture Perfect

I am going to be very honest with you in this post!

First of all, I am not crazy confident in my skin. I have incredibly oily skin which causes acne often. I definitely have tried a lot of things to try to balance out my skin so that it could be moisturized throughout the day but also dry enough to keep it looking matte-ish, or just the right amount of dewy, and clear out my acne.

So obviously, when I post pictures, I get so embarrassed with all my imperfections because they’re so noticeable and now on instagram, you can zoom in and stuff. And on top of that, with the social media craze about aesthetics and beauty, of course, I get super self-conscious.

I personally feel that I cannot hold anyone back from feeling the way that they do about themselves because people’s feelings are valid; no one can tell you how you’re supposed to think about yourself or that what you’re feeling isn’t real. They are real, but I do believe that we all need to take baby steps to realize we are all worth a lot more than we often feel because we all are amazing, beautiful, people regardless of what the social standards are.

Although I believe that we are all beautiful people, I DO understand the pressures of the world. So I am going to share with you the apps I recently found and started using on my pictures more often.

The first: Snapseed

There’s more options than shown in the picture above since the app has been updated. But I use mainly the “tune image” and “spot repair/healing”. In tune image, that’s where I would brighten, contrast, and make the photo ambiance to my liking because a lot of the time, I don’t really have good picture lighting. The spot repair/healing is the one I use to basically take out any imperfections, especially like acne or even stains on clothes!

The second: Airbrush

This app has plentttyy of options mainly for face purposes. You can brighten your eyes, remove dark circles, whiten teeth, adjust your skin tone,  etc. But again, the ones I mainly use are acne and smooth, just to get an acne free face on instagram as well as smooth glowing skin. (In the example picture, I haven’t used the app on my face yet. Just wanted to show you what the app looks like. BUT that pic is all credited to my fave filter on snapchat, hehe.)

Yes, I wish I was confident enough not to use either of these apps, but I’m so not there yet. But I mean, because I use these, it doesn’t make me a fake nor should I be looked at any different for using them. It’s a personal choice and I don’t feel like I look that much different. I’m not changing my face, I’m just giving it the clarity in certain spots I want, and anyone can do that! My face is still my face.

Anyhow, with the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure all of you will be expecting to take plenty of family pictures or cute pictures with your friends or significant others or even of just yourself! So if you feel you just need that extra help in just perfecting your pictures, definitely try these apps!

Destroying your Midterms!


As a Bio-Physio Major, I have had my share of incredibly difficult midterms. And although there are some people who have a midterm and a final, I experience several exams for each class throughout the semester. And, girrrrl, it got me on a whole new level of stressin’. For a lot of my chemistry related classes (i.e. general chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.), we had 2 exams during finals week… Exam 4 and the cumulative final within a three hour period. Last semester, I had both those classes including their labs, along with another class and its lab, which led me to have 1-2 tests EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Trust me, it was not fun.

But, with all these experience of blood, sweat, and tears over tests, I wanted to share some studying habits I’ve gained to help YOU make it through studying to kick your tests in the butt, and avoid the unfortunate events I’ve been through.

Tip #1
Read your syllabus on the first day of school and check out your Professor’s plan for the semester. They should already have dates of hw assignments due, and when  your tests will be. Then, write all those dates in a handy-dandy planner/calendar so you will always have a good idea when you should plan to study.

Tip #2
STUDY AHEAD OF TIME. Yes, you might think you have free time. But if you’re going to waste the day sitting at home re-watching the same shows on netflix anyway, might as well get at least an hour or so of studying in because I promise you, by the time you realize it, the test will be the next day and you’re going to be up all night cramming which is not such a great route to pursue.

Tip #3
Set yourself up with a good study group. As you get further into school, you’ll realize you’ll have classes with familiar faces often. Get to know them and make a study group because it’ll first and foremost, encourage you to study more and it will give you the opportunity to both learn from them and teach them the material taught in class.

Tip #4
Re-write your notes. My organic chemistry professor loves to say this on syllabus day and I followed his advice, and honestly, it has helped me SO much. In class, I’m in such a rush trying to copy everything he goes over in slides or on the board while listening to his explanation of everything, so it ends up becoming a big whirlwind and my notes are all messy from trying to copy fast. Re-writing your notes (I even make it in like colorful ink and all neat) can reinforce all the things you learned in class and you can go over it at your pace, so that way you’re really getting to understand what it is you’re supposed to be learning.

Tip #5
Ask for help AFTER you tried doing it yourself. The best way to learn is do it yourself, then checking it. If it’s wrong or you’re stuck, THAT’S when you can ask either someone from your study group or the professor why it’s wrong or how to better help you get to the problem. The process of trying will allow you to retain it once the correct answer is found after the help. And also, asking your professor for help will allow them to get to know you better and often, a lot of good things come out of building a good relationship them!

Tip #6
The night before your test, get a good night’s sleep. It will help you retain the information (it really does) and you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up, eat breakfast, and be on your way to take those midterms!

And lastly, take a breather every now and then, and be confident in yourself! YOU CAN DO IT! (:

Outfit in Distress

Recently, my boyfriend (James aka Owner of @PoptheTrunkApparel, check him out ya’ll) was scheduled to vendor at World of Dance Bay Area 2016. With only 1 shirt style out, he decided to get another shirt design that we’ve been talking about for FOREVER since it’s been a great trend for a while: distressed and bleached shirts. But LET ME TELL YOU, GUYS: This ish is some HARD and TIRING work. Distressing, I’ve done before on both my tees and thrifted jeans, but this was a whole other level of distressing since we were about to be making 50 shirts. FIDDY. 5-0. And on top of that bleaching them.

Of course, as perpetual college biology majors, he and I both had exams during the week which caused some set backs in trying to get the ball rolling on the distressing process. So night before the actual event, we stayed up literally all night, through the morning up until the event, making what turned out to be some kick-azzz tops (on the real).

If you try to tell me this shirt ain’t sick… then you’re lying.

Anyhow, I’m gonna basically give you a little overview of how we made these shirts (the literal blood, sweat, and tears) and then after, a little preview of how I wore it at WOD!

How it’s Made
First you’ll need these tools:
– All purpose spray bottle (98 cents at Walmart. It’s $4.99 at target, so watch out.)
– Regular Clorox Bleach
– Exacto Knife/Blade
– Threadcutter (I have 2 so I pictured both of them… not sure why cause you really just need one)
– Scissors


You can do the distressing first. We used the thread cutters to basically make smaller holes and raw cuts right on the collar (the thing that cuts the thread easily is the sharp curve, not the pointy part). The blade and the scissors were used to make cat scratches and rips in the shirt. The blade will have a straighter cut while the scissors won’t. Instead, it’d have more variation. You can even make small twists in a general area and cut the tops of the twists for little holes. We also used scissors to cut seams to have the seams hanging off the shirt.

Then, make sure you are in a ventilated area and use gloves for the bleaching part! (If it is not ventilated, you will have a headache, your eyes will burn, and you’ll regret it all.) We also had an old plastic table cover thingy we used on the garage floor for our shirt-bleaching-space. Test with water the different sprays the spray bottle has (if you turn it one way, is it more misty or is it more like a single stream?). When you get a good understanding of the spray, pour the bleach in the spray bottle, and then spray away different designs on the shirt. For the PTTA, we chose something in between and sprayed more like tiger-esque stripes all over front and back. After bleaching, we washed and dried, and it became the beautiful piece it is now!

Outfit Details

For World of Dance, I tried to go for an edgy, yet very urban feel.
With the shirt, I dressed it with:
– Bongo Distressed Jean Short (Bought thrifting)
Nike Air Max Theas
Nyx Suede Lipstick – Alien
– And as for earrings, I have a larger silver hoop in my inner piercings, and my 2nd piercings, I used smaller gold hoops. I honestly thought it looked siiiiick together. #doublehooping (let’s make it a trend)
– If you want a Pop the Trunk Apparel shirt like the one I’m wearing (it also comes in black, sizes S-XL), check out !

Optometry Guides Pt. 1

So, many of you might not know this, but I am currently going to school as a Biology Major concentrating on Physiology with hopes of probably making it into Optometry School. It has a lot of components that I feel would be a good fit for me and the future that I hope to have. With that goal in mind, I had the opportunity this past year to work at an Optometry Practice and learned quite a few things! So now I want to share this knowledge with you in a series called the “Optometry Guides.” Here is lesson 1:

Your Prescription & What it Means

After you doctor examines your eyes, you get a prescription which is basically a bunch of either positive or negative numbers something like this:

-1.75-0.25 x 092
+1.75-0.50 x 170

That first number (called “Sphere”) describes how far-sited (hyperopia) or near-sited (myopia) you are. The negative sign normally means you can’t see from afar and the positive sign means you have a harder time reading up close. The further away it is from 0.00, the worse your eyesight is and the thicker your prescription will be on your glasses. As you get older, you may also start to develop Presbyopia, which is basically when you have trouble with both your reading site and seeing from afar (which is why most people 40+ start buying bi-focals, progressives, or 2 pairs of glasses).

The middle negative number (called Cylinder) is only there if you have astigmatism, meaning that your eye doesn’t have a completely spherical shape, but is becoming a little more “football” shaped making it so that light doesn’t hit right where it normally would in the backside of your eye.

The last number after the ‘x’ is the Axis which is kind of like the measurement to give location to where that cylinder power is needed.

Surviving in Retail

Since I began working at 17, I have had several jobs. I worked in retail, food, teaching, program-coordination, and back to retail. Being so diverse in my jobs, I’ve got a good feel for what working in a service industry is all about. For all of you who are probably 18 or have never had a job before and are looking into retail, here are a few quick tips on what to expect:

Dealing with Customers/Clients
You’re going to have a large range of different customers all with a wide variety of attitudes. You will absolutely fall in love with some of them, and others, you’re going to have deep wishes of bad things upon them. You’ll be ignored and a little bossed around at times and some people will be straight up rude. But don’t let that discourage you! People are people. Tip #1 – No matter what, keep a positive attitude, stay helpful, and friendly. You’re working to make that sale and you’re trying to represent the brand that employed you in the best way. So what if they’re mean? You’re making moolah.

Being Real with your Customers/Clients
When you’re helping someone at your store, it’s great that you have the mindset to make a sale, but it helps a lot when you’re being real with them as well because you want to make sure that what they are getting and spending money on will make them feel good once they get out of the store. You don’t want them to feel regretful and not come back. If a dress is unflattering on a client, tell her that, and tell her why it’s not the right choice for her. But also, have some solutions on the back of your mind on what else you can give her that might look better. If you think she looks bomb in another dress that she has on, tell her that too, and if she’s unsure, give her accessories or shoes and all that to give her a better idea of the great possibility the dress provides her.

Looking your Best
In most retail stores, you have to dress a certain way. When I worked at Hollister, I had to wear their clothes and have a relaxed, beach feel. Now at BCBG, I have to dress more professional. Both had its limitations, but they both still required me to show off my personal style. If you don’t have a uniform and think that you can come to work in a way that’s not presentable, it’s just not going to be a good day for you. As a sales associate/stylist, customers and clientele will look to you for fashion advice. If you’re not looking your best, most likely, they’re not going to trust you to give them that advice which may not help you reach the sales you need that will then lead to a pep-talk from your manager.

Monetary Mirage
While working in retail, you get to see the newest arrivals and you also get to see when things go on sale. Because you’re working, you’re gonna think “I’m working to make money, so I’ll be able to spend on these, especially because I get a discount.” Makes sense right? But what you don’t realize is that you’re spending a whole lot more of money than you think and a lot more than you would if you didn’t work in retail. Another thing is where you’re working can have an effect on how you spend. Hollister was priced with $20 for a shirt and $40 for pants, and by working there, I thought anything higher was a rip off, and anything at these prices were fine. When I left and worked at other places, I saved more money because I realized $20 for a shirt is pretty pricey when I could go to F21, HM, or thrifting for it for cheap. Now, working at BCBG Max Azria, I see large prices all the time with sweaters priced at $198. And I sell to people who think that’s a good price alllll the time. So now $100 price tags don’t scare me as much… WHICH IS SCARY because now I have the mindset that I can spend that much even though I honestly don’t have or even make that kind of money. Next tip: Monitor your wallet and spend wisely. Know what you can actually afford or else you’re working to pay for your own paycheck.

Your Managers
I’ve had managers on different ends of the spectrum, let me tell yah. I’ve had really amazing ones, ones that were just…. not great, ones that kind of flipped flopped, and ones that I just didn’t talk to ever. At Hollister, my managers changed ALL the time. I only had 2 favorites that moved on to higher positions, and the rest either ignored me or had favorites. At the food place, I had the BEST manager and I still say hi to him all the time. At my other work place, it was almost like a surprise every day where either she’d be really nice, or the exact opposite. My current managers are honestly the coolest and most relatable I’ve had thus far. Regardless of what kind of managers you end up with (although, I hope they are great ones), you wanna make sure you have a good relationship with your manager and make sure you stand out. Be attentive when they train you and let you shadow them, and work hard. This person will observe you, could give you a raise, and could one day be your reference for a bigger position so you don’t want to burn bridges with them.

These were just a few tips that I feel like you should definitely keep in mind while applying or if you’re starting your first job! If you’ve worked in retail, comment below other tips for those looking for a retail job! (: