Yes. It took me 6 years… SO WHAT?! IT’S NORMAL, OKAY!

One of the biggest myths about college is that it “only takes 4 years”. So you’re telling me that at 17/18 years old, I would know exactly what I want to do for the rest of my entire life?

Uhm, no, sorry! All of that is a joke. College is a time of self-discovery. Maybe it’s your first time being away from home (aka me). Maybe you thought you knew what you wanted, but ended up realizing it’s not for you (aka me). There are plenty of reasons that can hold a person back from graduating in 4 years, and honestly, that’s normal now and people don’t often tell you that and trust me… I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

For the longest time, I was SO down on myself for being in school for sooo freaking long. A lot of my friends left in 4 years, and being in a sorority, basically my New Member Class (Alpha Sigma Class, whooo) all graduated before I did. My parents and other relatives would get on me about not graduating “on-time” and make jokes that I’ll be in school forever (& honestly, they’re not lying about that, though, cause ya girl is for sure heading to grad school) and I felt judged by classmates I’ve had when I told them how old or what year I was. Now, I OWN that sh*t, and here’s why…

When I graduated high school, I knew I loved helping people. I just didn’t know how to go about doing that as a living. I was obsessed with the TOMS movement (throwback af) and how this man used a simple idea of “Buy a Shoe, Give a Shoe” to create a successful business as well as make a difference in the many lives of people in developing countries. With this in mind, I decided that I was going to major in business.

Upon entering college, I did really well! I had a solid 3.5, joined a sorority and got a position as Director of Academics and various committees for events, got 2 Internships under ASI Student Government and Project Connect, was a Notetaker for the Disability Resource Center, and so on. As my college career progressed, my activities progressed and my interest in my classes declined and then I came to a weird spot – call it a mid-college-life-crisis. As much as I enjoyed business, I guess I was just scared. But I also felt that I had potential for more. I just didn’t know what that was. During my GE’s, I realized I did really well in the science aspect of it and I generally did well in science in High School, I just didn’t think I’d wanna do that for the rest of my life. One thing led to another and then I decided upon Optometry School – switching my major from Business to Biology. But being in the middle years of college, my priority for getting classes was literally dead last. So actually getting into biology classes took FOREVER. I had to crash so many classes, and at times, it was just luck! I was even held back an extra semester because I couldn’t take the introductory Biology or Chemistry classes because it was full and I couldn’t get in.

When I finally got into those classes, it was a major shift from what I was doing before. And also, many of the students in my classes were a lot younger than me, which was a little discouraging when I would say “Oh. Yeah. I’m about to be a Senior” to people who were saying “I’m a freshman (or Sophomore)” or when I said “I’m about to turn 22” to my classmate who said “I turn 21 in the next year and a half!” I FELT SO EMBARRASSED. With that discouragement in play, I felt even more lost and my interest in my introductory classes were low too. But I stuck it out anyway because I already felt like I’ve lost so much time switching that I might as well just stick with it.

The start of transitioning to upper division classes came along and it was in these classes where…. everything kind of just clicked for me, it all just came together. I stopped caring about where I was in my life. With school, there is no official timeline; there’s no “right way/path” to get through school. You just figure out what you’re good at and who you are, and it’ll lead you to the right places. I’m not saying you have to have this major epiphany and know yourself, but at least have some ideas of who you are and what you like. Go with your gut!

Once I hit my upper division classes, I started getting straight A’s, I met some of my BEST friends (some of whom are taking longer than 4 years too), I found professors who really cared about my learning and my work, I joined extracurriculars to teach students how to succeed in subjects I never thought I would ever even take or do well in. In these last couple of years, I have felt so much fulfillment in these classes and I know that I was in school for those extra 2 years for this reason! To get a true experience of enjoying my work and to get a better understanding of who I am, for myself.

Now I am a Biology Physiology Major with a Minor in Chemistry, a Supplemental Instructor for Physics 2, a General Biochemistry Tutor, a Biology Education Researcher, as well as an Alpha Phi Alumnae (Titled with 2 years of Presidency), a VBS Coordinator, an aspiring Influencer, and an aspiring Doctor (or PA). All of this, plus more, made up my college career and it’s these things that I’m incredibly proud of and feel so accomplished with. And, YEAH, it took 6 years. I’m not saying it’ll take you this long too, but I’m saying everyone’s journey is different. I knew a person who graduated from undergrad while approaching their 30’s. I remember taking a biology classes with men and women who were in their 40’s/50’s. We all are at school to learn, to find ourselves, to push us to reach our potential, and that can’t be rushed! It goes at your own pace. Ignore all that outside noise and just know, you’re gonna get to where you want to be no matter what road you take.


Q + A with My BF

Hi Everyone!!

So I’m about to celebrate 7 years of being with this goob of mine, and I thought it would be fun to do a Q + A session with him!

Over the course of our years together, we’ve been asked a number of questions on how we’ve made it work for so long. Watch to hear our story and our advice on things we’ve learned being together. We also learn a little more about each other by doing a mini “Couples Guessing Game” where we guess each other’s favorites!

I know it’s kind of a long video, but I hope all of you enjoy it!

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(Urban) Puttin’ Out

Something that my boyfriend and I are working on together is doing more things with other couples. If you don’t already know, James and I will be together for 7 years this March! (I know, HELLA LONG, WTF RIGHT?! Maybe I’ll tell the story of how we progressed this far in a youtube video sometime this month for February!)

Anyhow, we’ve been wanting to explore more places and we thought, what better way to go out and do things than to go with friends! And it never hurts if they are a couple or not. The term “Double Date” is just cute and easy to throw out there, especially because I think it’s easy to ask couples to go out with us so no one feels like…. they’re third wheeling (or any type of  wheeling for that matter) unless they don’t mind, in which we really don’t mind either! Varies from person to person, y’know!

So this double date was at Urban Putt, down in the Mission of SF! It was literally this little corner spot (that looked like it was a house turned bar/mini golf spot) with like a restaurant upstairs, then on the first floor – a bar, little arcade games, and then a mini golf course. Each hole was compact with it’s moving parts and cool little contraptions, it’s crazy how many routes a little golf ball can go. There was even a little virtual golf hole which was pretty cool!

To basically review the place in general, it’s great for a one time visit! Just to say you did it and experience it. The time we went, it was so crowded, it took over an hour to finish the course and it was just piling up in lines from one hole to the next. The drinks generally ranged from $9-12,  but like for me (a college student not making money), it was pretty pricey! To play golf was $12, and although the golfing part was fun, I think the crowd definitely affected how I felt about playing. I felt like a sardine at times. But the entire ambiance of the place itself is really cool, the course is really cool, some of the people who work there are awesome (especially because we got to play that basketball game and skeeball for free! and we were able to witness this one guy who worked there score a high score of 101 on the basketball game — he literally never missed a freaking shot, it was crazy). The only draw backs are the tight spaces and pricing, and honestly I’m not like too crazy into mini golf, but it’s a fun once in a while activity.

We all scream for Ice Cream! (Seriously, we do)

If you enjoy letting out your inner child, have a love of sweets and ice cream, and, more over, enjoy taking lots of pictures…. then the Museum of  Ice Cream is the place for you! There’s lots of artistic rooms with fun names and also a sweet treat for almost every room (not just ice cream either)! If you’re wondering what the MOIC is all about, definitely watch the video above.

Personally, it was a really fun experience because I am a child with a large sweet tooth, and I do love myself some pictures. It’s definitely family friendly so there are many families of different group sizes and ages coming from near and far so it can be difficult at times to get those picture perfect moments because everyone in that allotted time slot is also trying to take pictures of themselves or their children. And (as if you didn’t already know this), children have no boundaries and will be surrounding you with their uncontrollable touching of stuff, running around whilst eating messily, practicing their photo-bombing tactics, or doing whatever their craziness brings them to. So when anticipating your MOIC visit, that’s something to keep in mind! Other than that, it was a great time and you’d really only have to go once (it’s not like Disneyland where you wanna keep coming back consistently). Definitely get a ticket when it comes back on sale on January 9th!

Another post for my outfit will be coming soon! ❤

Food Exploration: 1/16/17


James and I have pretty bad habits of 1) not eating healthy which is normally due to a fact such as 2) not eating 3 meals a day since 3) we always seem to be running late to everything. I do not recommend you all to follow our ways of life BUT something I do recommend trying is ROAM Artisan Burgers.

So we had just finished walking around SF MoMA and I was literally starving because it was dinner time and we didn’t actually eat a breakfast or lunch (just lots of snacks and eggo waffles, again, don’t be doing this). I remembered my roommate, Jane, taking me on Fillmore before and we walked past so many cute (but expensive) little shops along with lots of different kinds of restaurants. He and I drove there with not much expectations except the fact that he knew he wanted a burger, none of the little wimpy ones form fast food chains; a real burger. Roam was the burger place in sight once there and it was honestly so good to a point where we didn’t even finish and we are people who can eat a lot (clearly, because we don’t eat enough).

What we ordered:
Sweet Potato Fries
The Classic (with the addition of avocado) – Beef – Medium
French and Fries – Beef – Medium Well
Chocolate Hazelnut Shake (seasonal)

The sweet potato fries had THE perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. Definitely try! The classic fulfilled it’s name as a good ‘ole classic burger. James ordered the French and Fries, he said the sauce and the caramelized onions had lots of flavor but he got full fast from it but he loved it. I wasn’t able to try the shake since I’m allergic to hazelnut, but James was incredibly please with it and didn’t hide that pleasure with every sip by saying “dude, this is so good.”

Thanks Roam Burgers for a yummy dinner (:
–> http://roamburgers.com/menu/

Hair-y Diaries

Growing up, I’ve had a real attachment to my hair. I think it’s because I decided to cut it in middle school one time and then everyone mistaken me as a boy…. I’m dead serious – even when I was wearing a red Minnie Mouse Shirt and a black hat that clearly read “Princess” on it, Princess Jasmine looked me in the eye and said “come here, sir” at Disneyland (scarred me, but I don’t hold any grudges on her). Thus began my oath to long hair forever.

I loved styling my hair in all kind of braids, curls, and crazy up-do’s because it was thick so you could do so much with it. But the maintenance was crazy: The constant shedding, the fact that even when I brushed my hair – 5 minutes later, a new tangle would surprise me out of no where, pony tails gave me headaches, but hey…. it looked cute! (no pain, no gain ?) So out of stress in 2014, I chopped it off myself in front of my mirror at home (I honestly DO NOT recommend this).

Then of course, I missed my long hair, and it grew to the length of the picture to the above left. And no, the brown hair wasn’t an ombre, it’s just that the long black part before the brown were my roots. When it became too much for me again, I freaked out and went to the hair salon and told her to cut it all off even when the woman beside me cringed at my words asked me, “Are you sure you wanna do that?”

After the chop, it’s been only a couple of days and I felt iffy about it at first – I loved it and didn’t like it at the same time because it was different. But now, I’m crazy happy with it. I don’t even have to take 20 minutes to brush my hair anymore! In fact… I DON’T EVEN NEED TO BRUSH – just wake up and done! Time in the shower is shorter, my head feels so light so good bye headaches, and the styled cut is incredibly versatile for all the different outfits I often wear.

I’ve learned that hair is hair. Depending on your health and how much you can take out of your day to care for it, the length is up to your discretion. No matter what you choose, it’s beautiful either way. We live one life, and we often to get chances to make much change in our life and experience as much as we want to. But with your hair, if you wanna try a new color, try cutting it in a way you’ve never had it before: do it. It’s the easiest thing you can change about you without changing you; a way to experience doing something out of your comfort zone without much risk. It’s just like fashion or make up: it’s a “to each their own” type of thinking. You wanna have a grunge day and maybe throw on some black lipstick? Why not? Bc you can always just go home and change and throw on another look the next day to be or feel like a different you.

New Year Resolutions

Holy Moly, friends. I feel like 2016 went in some ways too fast and too slow at the same time. I remember a lot of things throughout the year that felt like it was yesterday, but there were times when time felt like it was stuck in a bad traffic jam. There was a lot of good that happened in 2016, but 2017 is just another measure to accomplish new goals and for self improvement.

What I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I am a goal oriented person (trust me, I have a detailed google doc of things I want to do), and although I am slow to finish some things, it’s as the saying goes “the small victories” that can lead me to finally get places I want and/or dream to be.

So here are a couple of resolutions I’ve planned for myself this year:

– Finally get a 4.0 in my college career (this has been a goal since my freshman year of college, AND WILL REMAIN A GOAL UNTIL I MAKE IT)
– Volunteer at a Hospital
– Take a CPR course

Social Media
– Be more up-to-date with my blog (post at least 1-2x a week)
– Buy a camera in order to take better pictures to share via instagram/blog
– Get Facebook Page up and started
– Immerse self deeper into blogging community, make friends, and do more giveaways

– Up-keep my relationships with friends whom I was once close with
– Become proficient in sewing
– Healthy eating and make exercising a habit (possibly get a gym membership if able to afford it, & your girl wants to grow herself a booty of muscllleeeee)