Urban Netting

These are my first actual pictures since chopping off my hair (whoo!). And I’ll probably go deeper into my feelings about going short in another post, but I felt with the new cut, it felt fitting to try something urban and edgy.

The Fit:
Shirt – Zara (I got it in a size L) – ONLY $5.99!
Faux Leather – Wasteland
Denim – Forever 21
Fishnets – It’s a store called “together”, I’m not sure if it’s a chain store
Booties – DSW

Eyeshadow – Modern Renaissance
Eyebrows – E.L.F.
Lips – Milani Cosmetics #31
Liquid Foundation/Concealer – Milani Cosmetics 2-in-1 Liquid & Make Up Forever Finishing Powder
Highlight/Baked Bronzer – Be a Bombshell Cosmetics and Tarte Palette


New Year Resolutions

Holy Moly, friends. I feel like 2016 went in some ways too fast and too slow at the same time. I remember a lot of things throughout the year that felt like it was yesterday, but there were times when time felt like it was stuck in a bad traffic jam. There was a lot of good that happened in 2016, but 2017 is just another measure to accomplish new goals and for self improvement.

What I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I am a goal oriented person (trust me, I have a detailed google doc of things I want to do), and although I am slow to finish some things, it’s as the saying goes “the small victories” that can lead me to finally get places I want and/or dream to be.

So here are a couple of resolutions I’ve planned for myself this year:

– Finally get a 4.0 in my college career (this has been a goal since my freshman year of college, AND WILL REMAIN A GOAL UNTIL I MAKE IT)
– Volunteer at a Hospital
– Take a CPR course

Social Media
– Be more up-to-date with my blog (post at least 1-2x a week)
– Buy a camera in order to take better pictures to share via instagram/blog
– Get Facebook Page up and started
– Immerse self deeper into blogging community, make friends, and do more giveaways

– Up-keep my relationships with friends whom I was once close with
– Become proficient in sewing
– Healthy eating and make exercising a habit (possibly get a gym membership if able to afford it, & your girl wants to grow herself a booty of muscllleeeee)

Giving Thanks for Sweater Weather

It’s been a little over a week from Thanksgiving, I swear, the year has come by too fast. I apologize now for not being able to post so often, but I had so many tests and now that finals are coming up, I’m going to be a literal MESS!  But I’ll try to post as much as I can in this down time before I start living in the library.

My family and I don’t celebrate an incredibly fancy Thanksgiving dinner. It’s super casual because it’s almost like any other family gathering except we eat even more food than we already do, so a good pair of ripped jeans sufficed for the occasion!

Cold Shoulder Sweater – H&M
Jeans – Zara (thrifted) || similar style
Booties – DSW (Zigi Soho) || similar style
Bag – Forever 21 || similar style
Lip – Kylie Cosmetics (Dolce K)

Fashion meets GenBeauty

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Ipsy’s GenBeauty in San Francisco and not only have a grand ‘ole time checking out all the different booths and getting all the freebies, but being able to play dress up for 2 days. This was my first Beauty Convention (stay tuned for a post about the convention soon) and I wasn’t sure what to wear? SO my outfits are really different from the first day to the second.

Day 1: Vintage Frill Feel

Dress: Zara
Shoes: BCBG Max Azria

I thought we had to look semi-nice for the convention, so I came in BCBG booties (which I bought months ago, but have been too scared to actually walk out in) and a ruffled floral dress from Zara! I wore my hair in a low side bun, studded earrings, and Kylie Jenner’s True Brown Matte lip!

Day 2: Soles that Shine

Jacket: Forever 21 || similar (I’ve also seen some similar ones at Ross!)
Strappy Bra: Adore Me
Shirt: H&M || similar
Mom Jeans: Pacsun || similar
Shoes: BCBG Max Azria
Necklace: Kendra Scott (via Rocks Box)
Earrings: Studs and SLATE Climb the Ladder Ear Crawlers (via Rocks Box)

After Day 1, I realized I didn’t have to look nice and could tone it down! And booties, after several hours, will hurt your feet. So I swapped for a cool look and shiny loafers from BCBG that you can honestly see your reflection in! They somewhat remind me of the Gigi Hadid shoe from Stuart Weitzman (& you guys know how OBSESSED I am with my girl Gigi) but the shoe was almost 1/5 the price of hers! #serioussteal

Barbas & Zacári

I am excited to tell you guys that I have a collaboration with the timepiece brand, Barbas and Zacari! They are an Australian based company that sells incredibly stylish watches that make an amazing accessory to any outfit. The best part about them is that they donate $5 for every purchase to Cancer Research. Definitely check them out and get 20% off as well as free shipping with my code “ERINNALE” (:

Grease Lightning

I have a hate-love relationship with Halloween for many reasons. I love dressing up, but I always have a hard time choosing who or what I want to be as well as when it comes down to the cost of the overall costume. This year, my boyfriend, James, and I decided to be Danny and Sandy from one of my all-time-favorite musicals, Grease! I was pretty lucky because I didn’t have to buy anything because everything I needed was all in my (and my mother’s) closet! (: Keep in mind, I’ve had some of these items for a really long time and it just worked out in my favor!

Here are my “Sandy” outfit details:
Jacket – Wasteland
Top – American Apparel
Belt – BCBG Max Azria
Pants – Forever 21
Wedges – TOMS (This was my mom’s, so they were too big for me!)
Lips – MAC Selena (Como la Flor)
Earrings – Gold hoop earrings from Ross

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and rocked out in your costumes! Until next time, loves!

Destroying your Midterms!


As a Bio-Physio Major, I have had my share of incredibly difficult midterms. And although there are some people who have a midterm and a final, I experience several exams for each class throughout the semester. And, girrrrl, it got me on a whole new level of stressin’. For a lot of my chemistry related classes (i.e. general chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.), we had 2 exams during finals week… Exam 4 and the cumulative final within a three hour period. Last semester, I had both those classes including their labs, along with another class and its lab, which led me to have 1-2 tests EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Trust me, it was not fun.

But, with all these experience of blood, sweat, and tears over tests, I wanted to share some studying habits I’ve gained to help YOU make it through studying to kick your tests in the butt, and avoid the unfortunate events I’ve been through.

Tip #1
Read your syllabus on the first day of school and check out your Professor’s plan for the semester. They should already have dates of hw assignments due, and when  your tests will be. Then, write all those dates in a handy-dandy planner/calendar so you will always have a good idea when you should plan to study.

Tip #2
STUDY AHEAD OF TIME. Yes, you might think you have free time. But if you’re going to waste the day sitting at home re-watching the same shows on netflix anyway, might as well get at least an hour or so of studying in because I promise you, by the time you realize it, the test will be the next day and you’re going to be up all night cramming which is not such a great route to pursue.

Tip #3
Set yourself up with a good study group. As you get further into school, you’ll realize you’ll have classes with familiar faces often. Get to know them and make a study group because it’ll first and foremost, encourage you to study more and it will give you the opportunity to both learn from them and teach them the material taught in class.

Tip #4
Re-write your notes. My organic chemistry professor loves to say this on syllabus day and I followed his advice, and honestly, it has helped me SO much. In class, I’m in such a rush trying to copy everything he goes over in slides or on the board while listening to his explanation of everything, so it ends up becoming a big whirlwind and my notes are all messy from trying to copy fast. Re-writing your notes (I even make it in like colorful ink and all neat) can reinforce all the things you learned in class and you can go over it at your pace, so that way you’re really getting to understand what it is you’re supposed to be learning.

Tip #5
Ask for help AFTER you tried doing it yourself. The best way to learn is do it yourself, then checking it. If it’s wrong or you’re stuck, THAT’S when you can ask either someone from your study group or the professor why it’s wrong or how to better help you get to the problem. The process of trying will allow you to retain it once the correct answer is found after the help. And also, asking your professor for help will allow them to get to know you better and often, a lot of good things come out of building a good relationship them!

Tip #6
The night before your test, get a good night’s sleep. It will help you retain the information (it really does) and you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up, eat breakfast, and be on your way to take those midterms!

And lastly, take a breather every now and then, and be confident in yourself! YOU CAN DO IT! (: